How I control my Hue lights from my Mac: Automatically turn on lights when waking Mac from sleep

Here’s a Keyboard Maestro macro I put together to automatically turn on my office lights when I get to my computer each day.

The sequence itself is very straightforward:

  1. See if this macro has already run today by checking the sinceLastRun variable.
  2. If it hasn’t run today, turn on the lights then update the variable.
  3. If the macro did already run at some point today, then prompt myself with a menu to control my Hue lights.

Required tools besides Keyboard Maestro:

  • Hue lighting
  • iOS device
  • Siri Shortcut for toggling the lights
  • PushCut (iOS app)

Pushcut is what’s handling the interaction between my Mac and iPhone

The need for Pushcut here is to provide a unique URL to ping which runs a Shortcut. The Shortcut itself is literally a single action Control Home > Turn on [list of lights]

Keyboard Maestro Macro 20210106

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