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Effective emails using A.I., Boomerang Respondable Review

I've been using Boomerang for Gmail for a few years and it's great. Super reliable and definitely helps to manage communication expectations.

Today I saw the promo video for Boomerang Respondable.

Write Perfect Emails with Artificial Intelligence.

First and foremost, the video is outstanding. Nicely done, Baydin! 🙂

What is Respondable?

Respondable is a browser extension for Gmail to help you write better, more actionable emails in real time. Based on data from millions of messages, Respondable makes every email you send more effective.

I've installed the free version, which includes these real time metrics:

  1. Subject length — It recommends 2–6 words.
  2. Word count — It recommends 50–150.
  3. Question count — It recommends 1–5 questions.
  4. Reading level — It recommends 3rd grade.

Here's a sample rating while I'm typing a bogus message:

Message rating using Boomerang Respondable

The concept is cool. Obviously, it's hit or miss depending on your audience but generally I could see this help people compose more effective emails. Maybe it'll prevent someone from emailing me with the subject: "website".

Nah, doubt it.

I suspect Baydin will be tweaking the algorithms over time, right now it's too easy to vastly sway the ratings by adding one more question, or removing a big (regular-sized(?)) word. But hey, it's guidance nonetheless.

Overall, I'm curious to see how it develops over time. I don't think I'm quite ready to upgrade to Pro for $15/mo. but I'll let it hang out for now. I could definitely see it becoming a bit of a distraction though but I'm okay with that—it's rare for me to compose emails in the browser anyway.

I'll give it a week or so and check back with more.

Give a shout if you have thoughts or questions!

Read more about it at Boomerang's website.


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August 30, 2016 at 12:59 pm

I’m a big fan of Boomerang. If you use Google Apps for business, you don’t have a choice, but to pay the $15/month. It’s definitely worth it.

Regarding respondable, it’s new, so I hope it gets smarter. The major benefit is that it forces me to re-read my email before I send it.

It does not do a good job with context. For example, I wrote to my colleague, “Will you please go to hell, blah, blah, blah”. Just a test 🙂 and it approved.

At this point, Respondible is not very helpful, IMO.

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