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Connect Shazam to Evernote

Ever wondered if you can store your Shazam music in Evernote?  Yes, and it's pretty awesome. It'll take about 7 minutes to get up and running.

What you'll need to connect Shazam to Evernote:

  1. Shazam App for iPhone or Android
  2. Evernote Plus or Premium
    (Don't want to pay for Evernote yet? Here's a free workaround using Gmail instead of Evernote)

If you don't have a paid Evernote membership, you can get started here for free with an optional upgrade - $35 annually.

Create a free account

Alright, assuming you're set with Evernote Plus or Premium, let's get started.

First, find your Evernote email address

It's a unique address you can use to save emails directly into Evernote, it looks something like this: You'll want to find the address and copy it, we'll use it for the next step.

To find your Evernote email address, go to your account settings:


Select Help > Account Settings.... Your email address appears in the 'Email Notes to' section.


iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Tap your username to access your account settings. Scroll down and select General > Evernote Email Address.


Windows Desktop

Click on Tools > Account Info. Your email address will appear next to 'Email notes to:'


Tap the 3-dots button in the upper right, select Settings > Account Info, and scroll down until you see your Evernote email address.

Evernote Web

Click on your profile photo, the select 'Settings'. Your email address appears in the 'Email Notes to' section.

Next, create a new Contact in your phone

You can name this whatever you want, but "Evernote" seems sensible for this example. Create a contact and paste your Evernote email address as the primary email for the contact.

Lastly, sending from Shazam:

Step 1: Shazam some tunes

Step 2: Tap the Share button, then select Email

Step 3: Start typing the name of your new contact (Evern...) and select that contact.

Step 4: Click send


Head on back to Evernote and you'll see your newly Shazam'd tune saved as a note! It'll appear in whichever Notebook you've saved as default.

Where you go from here will depend on what you're trying to accomplish. Personally, I'll review my saved song notes about once a week. If I decide to buy something, I'll add the tag "purchased". The really great part about using Evernote to manage music is that you can add as much context to a note as you'd like. Sometimes it's easier to recall the name of the venue or train-spotee where you heard the song—typing a quick "Dave's 30th, grill out at the park" could save a ton of time later on.

Later, I'll walk through a similar process using a few other tools with Evernote.

Message or comment if you have any thoughts or questions!

Still don't have Evernote? Create a free account


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[ Update: Goodbye Sunrise :_( ] How Sunrise Calendar helped me quit my job

Sunrise Calendar is a free calendar app made for Google Calendar, iCloud and Exchange. I'd first downloaded it and created an account in late 2014 when it was just a common, though refined, calendar interface.

To begin, I am in no way endorsed, supported by or in contact with the folks at Sunrise.

At some point around June of 2015 Sunrise introduced a new feature; the "Meet" button. This was also right around the time when I quit my job in order to start my own company. To skip ahead, the Meet button fixes a very fundamental problem—scheduling meetings with busy people.

While I was trying to build a client base I was spending a solid chunk of my time cold calling and responding to potential customers. Even once I had a lead identified, it could sometimes take a week or two before we could find a mutually agreeable time to meet. Multiply this by 5+ contacts per day, this equates to potentially months of time lost by email and back and fourth texts.


Here's what it does:

Sunrise's Meet allows you to propose multiple days / times to a person, and they can select whichever works best. An event is created, and you're done. As if that wasn't enough, the syncing happens so often that if you propose the same time to two different people, and one of them selects that time, the option will be removed from all other contacts.

Sunrise Calendar - Meet Interface


It has support for both desktop and mobile (iOS & Android) and possibly to coolest part—it works from directly within text messages and email by use of a custom keyboard. I've been able to confirmed scheduled meeting, directly from a text message, within two minutes of tapping Send. 

Photo credit

Photo credit



I've put some thought and basic math into how much time I've gained by scheduling meetings this way. I gain about six hours every month. That's almost a full working day to do—whatever I want. Usually, it doesn't consist of scheduling meetings.

Try it out!