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Export Spotify Discover Weekly playlist as a text list of songs and artists

Here's how you can export a Spotify playlist as a text list of songs and their artists.

You'll need these four things:

  1. A Spotify playlist you want to export
  2. iOS device - it'll work on an iPhone or iPad. Sorry Android users.
  3. Siri Shortcuts app
  4. A *custom Siri shortcut (i.e. pre-built workflow) available below as a free download
    *I built the custom shortcut below so I could save a text list of some playlists I update often. The workflow takes a Spotify playlist then in the background it finds the songs and artists. Then it outputs the list to your iOS clipboard, so you can paste it in your preferred app.

Once you've downloaded and installed the Shortcut, here's the step-by-step to run it:

  1. Open Spotify, find the playlist you want to export
  2. Click the more button (•••) > [⇧ Share] > [••• More]
  3. Once the iOS share drawer is open, select Shortcuts. If you don't see Shortcuts as an option, you'll need to add it. More info down below, see How to add Siri Shortcuts to the Activities list on iOS
  4. Find the tap the Shortcut: "Spotify Playlist to Text List"
  5. That's it! The list is now copied to your clipboard and ready for you to paste in your preferred app (Notes, Evernote, etc.)


To download the Shortcut I ask for your email address and first name. I won't send a bunch of emails your way—it's just nice to see who's finding usefulness from the free content I share.

<<Shortcut coming soon>>


How to add Siri Shortcuts to the Activites list on iOS

  • Open Safari.
  • Tap the [⇧ Share] button.
  • In the horizontal list, closest to the Cancel button, scroll all the way to the right and select ••• More.
  • Find "Shortcuts" in the list and make sure the switch is green (on).
  • You'll also want to tap and hold on the three lines on the right then drag the Shortcuts item to the top. That makes it faster to use from other apps.
  • Tap Done.